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1Thessalonians, Chapter Four, Lesson Two

PROPER BEHAVIOR           Page 3

V.10 ** What was the outcome of God teaching them to love?

"...indeed you do practice it toward all the brethren..."

** Bible study for these Thessalonians became lifestyle, they lived what they learned. Was their love just for those who lived there in Thessalonica?

No - It had gone out to all "...who are in all Macedonia." We are talking about 52,000 square miles of love! To God be the glory!

** With such a tremendous victory record in this area of loving other Christians, do you think Paul should just tell them to kick-back and relax, because they had arrived?

No - As with every area of our life which is for the glory of God, they were to "excel still more". Even though they were famous for their love, they were to grow up in their ability to show it.

V.11 ** According to verse eleven, what will be the three fold manifestation of that love?

1. Lead a quiet life.
2. Attend to your own business.
3. Work with your hands.

** We are going to look closely at those three elements of love in action; but first, why is Paul giving this instruction, what was wrong there in Thessalonica?

Some of the Christians were restless fanatics in regard to the Second Coming of Christ! Paul will specifically address that problem next week in verses 13-18, as a result they had become busybodies and lazy!

** Well, before he lays out the three manifestations of love found here in verse eleven, Paul tells them what their attitude should be in all three cases. What is that?

They were to be ambitious. Lit. To strive earnestly for, they needed to set these goals!

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