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1Thessalonians, Chapter Three, Lesson One


V. 8 ** What was Paul's "real" reason for living?

Because his children in the faith were standing firm in the Lord, Paul was experiencing the joy of life to the fullest measure. This is life indeed!

** If we realize how important it is to stand firm in our faith and obedience to Christ, because of the impact we can have on our brothers and sisters in the Lord, do you think we would be more aware of our effort?

Absolutely - We do not stand alone. We are meant to encourage and build up one another.
cf. 1Peter 4:10


** Let's look back over our passage for today and find the words or phrases which speak of Paul's love for the Thessalonians and vice versa.

V. 1 "we could endure it no longer"
V. 2 "we sent Timothy to strengthen and encourage"
V. 3 "so that no man may be disturbed"
V. 4 "we kept telling you"
V. 5 "to find out about your faith"
V. 6 "longing to see"...each other
V. 7 "we were comforted"
V. 8 "for now we really live"

** Paul's example of "Suffering Affliction" was made even more significant because of the relative value he placed on it. In verse seven, what did Paul say was more important than any news of his suffering?

That the Thessalonians were holding to their faith.


** What impact can a Christian's obedient faith have upon the life of another Christian, even if they are "Suffering Affliction" at the time?

It will comfort those Christians who know the true value of an obedient walk with the Lord.

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