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1Thessalonians, Chapter Two, Lesson Four

BOUNTY IN CHRIST            Page 4

V.16 ** How does this Satanically driven hostility manifest itself in the next verse?

By trying to stop the gospel, so that men would not be saved. We know that Satan is violently opposed to the work of salvation, which Jesus came to accomplish on the cross of calvary.
cf. Acts 9:23, 13:45, 14:2, 14:19    Then all see - Acts 4:16-20, 5:27-29 and 40-42

** Back in 1Thessalonians 2:16, why are the persecutors of Christ and Christians allowed by God to continue?

That they might "fill up the measure of their sins" so God will be just in punishing them.

** What have they received for their sinful hatred of God's truth?

"But wrath has come upon them to the utmost".

** If they are still persecuting the truth, how has God's wrath come upon them (past tense)?

His wrath is contained in His judgment to seal them out of His kingdom. They cannot believe!
cf. Romans 10:19-21 and 11:7-10

** In the case of Israel's hard heart of unbelief, are they all doomed to the wrath of God?

No - God will always have His remnant. Romans 11:25-29

V.17 ** Paul now shifts his thinking back to the joy of his heart, the Thessalonians. How does he describe their present relationship?

They were "bereft"...in person, but not in spirit. The term used by Paul means "to be orphaned" or "taken away". It is very fitting when viewed in the light of verses 7 and 11 from our last two weeks of study.

Verse 7 - "as a nursing mother tenderly cares"
Verse 11 - "as a father would his own children"

** This was an emotional and painful separation, but where was the heart of the apostle?

He was with them in spirit, "Burdened in Christ" for their well being.

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