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1Thessalonians, Chapter Two, Lesson Three

BURDENED IN CHRIST            Page 5
V.12 (cont'd.)

** Our labor for the Lord is to always produce this type of fruit, in ourselves first and then in the lives of those to whom we minister. Are you so "Burdened in Christ" for the walk of other Christians, that it effects the way you live your own life?

Hopefully, we are able to learn this pattern from Paul and develop a passion for this type of life and ministry. cf. Ephesians 4;1, Philippians 1:27, Colossians1:10, Romans 12:1-2 and
John 4:20-24

** To where does Paul say that God has called us?

"...into His own kingdom and glory"!

** If we can grasp the significance of that statement, what incentive does it provide for us to have a life and ministry similar to Paul's?

As we focus on God's glory and the advancement of His kingdom, instead of the pull of this world we live in, we can be available to be "Burdened in Christ" for the godly walk of other Christians. With such a burden, we ourselves will walk worthy of our glorious Lord.


** What is to be the Christian's view of hard work? What is our work ethic?

We should willingly pursue it, to be an example for others and to use our godly work ethic as a platform for proclaiming God's saving truth. cf. Colossians 1:28-29


** What kind of behavior or character should be driving our life and ministry according to verse ten?

We should live devoutly, uprightly and blamelessly toward the lost world around us (to convict them of the truth we proclaim) and around other Christians (to encourage them to do the same).

** Which three activities should naturally flow from that kind of lifestyle?

Exhorting, encouraging and imploring our brothers and sisters in the Lord unto godliness.

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