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1Thessalonians, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

BOUND IN CHRIST            Page 5

V. 8 ** By using such strong emotional terminology in verse seven to describe his relationship to the saints in Thessalonica, Paul sets us up for how he feels regarding these dear believers. Does he have any special feelings regarding them?

Yes - he has "a fond affection" for all of them!

** The hyperbole used by Paul to describe his love for those who had received the gospel of Christ is not meant to flatter them - it is simply the truth! To prove it, Paul goes on to make a commitment way beyond simply sharing the gospel with someone. What is he willing to give to them?

"...but also our own lives..." cf. Philippians 2:17

** Was this a forced sacrifice Paul was making against his will?

Absolutely not! He said, "we were well pleased to impart to you" the gospel and our lives.

** Why was Paul willing to make so great a sacrifice for their spiritual growth and well being?

"...because you had become very dear to us".

** At this point, we could probably answer our question from the beginning of our study. "Is it enough to just share the truth about Christ with others?" "What are we to do once someone becomes saved?"

We are to give our lives to their nurturing and building up in the Word of God! The cost becomes all that we are, as we serve the living and true God.

** How can we know if we have this kind of love for the lost, as they become our brothers and sisters in Christ?

Scripture provides two opposing standards - all see:

James 2:14-16 "be warmed and be filled"
John 15:13 "greater love has no one"

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