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1Thessalonians, Chapter One, Lesson Three

SERVING GOD            Page 5
V.10 (cont'd.)

** What are the four phrases used here by Paul to describe God's Son?

1. He is coming "from heaven".
2. He has been "raised from the dead".
3. His name is "Jesus".
4. He alone "delivers us from the wrath to come". cf. 1Thessalonians 5:9

** For Christians, God's wrath was poured out on Christ at the cross of Calvary - so what is the wrath to come?

Matthew 3:7 - "Pharisees and Sadducees"
Roman 2:5 - Men are "storing up wrath"
Jude 6 - Angels (demons) "judgment"
2Thessalonians 1:6-9 - "eternal destruction"
Revelation 20:11-15 - "thrown into the lake of fire" cf. V.10 - "tormented day and night forever"

There is an awesome, terrible and most fearful wrath to come, but Jesus delivers us from it! Is it any wonder that we exclaim, "Praise the Lord"?


** As we look back over today's text, how many sets of examples can we find?

Christ imitated His Father, by doing His will.

Paul and company imitated Jesus Christ.

Thessalonians imitated Paul and company.

Macedonia and Achaia imitated the Thessalonians.

Everyplace else picked up the pattern from their reputation which "sounded forth".


** Based upon the pattern seen here in Thessalonica, what is the proper threefold response to hearing the word of God, the gospel?

1. Repent - "turn from idols". (V.9)
2. Live your life by "Serving God". (V.9)
3. Live in the light of His glorious return. (V.10)

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