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1Thessalonians, Chapter One, Lesson One

SHARING GREETINGS            Page 5
V. 1 (cont'd.)

** Just as a footnote, William Hendriksen points out that "the combination of both terms after one preposition (in) would indicate that the two are entirely co-ordinate". In other words, Paul is saying that "God the Father" and "the Lord Jesus Christ" after the single preposition "in" indicates that they are one in the same. How does that reflect on the genuiness of the church there in Thessalonica?

The church of the Thessalonians was "in" one God.

** What is the greeting that these men all shared with the Thessalonians?

"Grace" to you and "peace".

charis - lit. means kindness, carries the idea of generosity or underserved favor.

eirene - lit. peace or welfare

This would become a common greeting in the early church, not at all unlike "shalom" had become for Israel. cf. John 1:17 (Grace), John 1:29 (Peace)

** We have commented on this before, but did you notice the order of this greeting? Which comes first?

God's amazing grace gives us the kindness of God in the forgiveness of our sin, followed by the peace of God which makes our "welfare" whole or well, based upon the accomplishment of Christ on the cross.


** What does this opening verse for today say about the intrinsic value of the Thessalonians' faith?

It was "in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ", which made it genuine. They had not placed their faith in the idols of their day!


** What do Paul, Silas and Timothy have in common regarding the believers at Thessalonica?

1. Shared in the founding of that church.
2. Shared a common love for the brethren.
3. They were co-laborers in building up the saints.

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