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1Thessalonians, Chapter One, Lesson One

SHARING GREETINGS            Page 3
Introduction (cont'd.)

** Timothy we know quite well, but who is Silvanus?

Silas - chosen by Paul to replace Barnabas, after the disagreement over John-Mark.
cf. Acts 15:36-40, Acts 17:1, 4 and 10, 2Corinthians 1:19

** From where did Paul pen this epistle?

From the city of Corinth, on his second missionary journey. Probably written between 50-51 A.D. and delivered by Timothy.

** In Paul's day, Thessalonica had a population of about 200,000 - comprised mostly of Greeks, Jews and rich Romans. Today the population is around 1 million. It was a very religious area, including idol worship, temple prostitutes, drunkenness, sexual orgies, mysticism and occult satanic involvement. Do you think these believers were in need of Paul's instruction?

Absolutely - this is probably the second epistle written by Paul, which would become canonized as Scripture. The first one being Galatians, written around 49 A.D. from Antioch in Syria, before the council at Jerusalem recorded in Acts 15.

** Why did Paul go to Macedonia in the first place?

Because of a vision he received on his second missionary journey. cf. Acts 16:8-10
Let's go back and read Acts 17:1-5 and see if we can determine the kind of reception that Paul, Silas and Timothy had in Thessalonica.

1. Some of the Jews were persuaded and believed.

2. Some Gentiles who had previously been converted to Judaism (God-fearing Greeks) also believed.

3. A number of the leading women believed.

4. The Jews and wicked men rejected the truth. cf. V.5 and V.13

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